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  1. Kenny Romano
    February 24, 2015

    My friend Andy told me about a frame making class, I’m very interested please send any details if

  2. Michael
    September 3, 2015

    Interested in a 650b hardtail. I have a very odd body with short legs and a long torso (5’8″ tall and 28 inseam). What I would like would be a magical revamp of my old Oy Eddy Fat Chance but set up for 650b wheels, 100mm tapered head tube fork. I am heavy as well at 200#. Also I would like to convey as much of the my components from my current excellent but just doesnt fit well Jamis. What is your docket looking like?

    PS. I visited you a couple of times at your old shop in the hinterlands of Southhills (I am originally from E’sliberty)


    • The Maestro
      September 3, 2015


      First off it alway nice to meet someone form the days when I had Maestro Cycles. the DNA of my bikes are base on the bike of yesteryears but with the best of the new innovations. Tapered head tube,oversize tubes and thru axles will build a nice riding and strong bike. Its sounds like you parts form the Jamis are good and most should move over. I have 8 bikes and some repairs. So you are looking about 3 months. Let me know if you have a date you would like to meet I will see if it something I can work with.

      Could you used my shop email: maestrocycles@gmail.com

      Looking forward to working with you on getting a bike to fill your needs.

      Thanks, Michael


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