Getting Setup in the Shop

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I’ve been home from my apprenticeship with Mike Flannigan of ANT (Alternative Needs Transportation) for 4 weeks now and the shop is finally ready to build my first Pittsburgh frames. It’s been a fun process of locating, purchasing, transporting, moving and setting up high-quality fabrication tools, and customizing my shop layout.

Here are couple of photos of the process of setting up shop for manufacturing:

The Milling Machine

This is a pre world war II era milling machine for making custom mitered tubing of any angle and frame type or size.  While in Boston I cleaned up the machine, got the table working again and finally it arrived on a pallette.   With the help of a few good friends, we got it in position and ready to use in the shop.


Shop futon & Custom Table

This table used to be the grease drip pan for the milling machine. I recycled it by flipping it over, welding on four square steel legs, cleaning up the top and using it for my coffee table. This is where most of my friends can be seen when they come to help setup.

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