The first step in ordering your custom steel hand-built frame from Maestro Cycles is to discuss your needs with the builder (that’s me!).

After we discuss your needs I’ll give you a complete quote for your custom frame and an estimated delivery time.  Custom handbuilt frames require expertise in the field and quite a bit of customized shop machinery and supplies such as silver brazing material.  Each bike is hand measured, hand cut, assembled, checked by accurate digital gauges, hand welded and finished, and aligned on a special marble precision alignment table.  Needless to say this all takes time and energy.  The cost of a hand-built custom frame is reflected in the care and passion I put into my craft.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 reserves your place in the queue.  Before you send in your deposit, I’ll let you know how many frame builds are in front of yours and how long I think it will take.

Before construction begins, a second deposit of $500 is required.  I’ll contact you about 1-2 weeks prior to planned start to give you a  heads up for the 2nd deposit.  I cannot order your frame materials until the second deposit is received.

The Construction phase includes measuring the tubing, making all the cuts, tacking & welding the bike, mounting bottle cages and cable routing,  aligning the frame and tapping all the threads.  After the frame is fully built, it is bathed in an acid bath to prepare for painting.  Once the frame has been painted  the wheels & components are added and the bike goes out for a test ride with the builder.  Once everything is a “go”, I’ll contact you to arrange pick-up at the shop, drop-off or shipping (Shipping & Insurance fee not included in price)

For full builds, we can order in your components at any time, and payment for the components is needed prior to placing the order.  Most of the time we wait until the bike goes off to the paint shop, so that by the time it’s done all of your components are ready for me to build up your complete frame.

The remainder of the cost of the frame is due prior to picking up or shipping the bike.


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